Admission Rules



All admissions of students into any class/grade of this school ( ARMY GOODWILL PUBLIC SCHOOL RAJOURI,  J&K) is governed by the following admission procedures.

1. The admissions will be  confirmed  only after the approval of the BOARD OF ADMISSION OF THE SCHOOL DEPUTED BY THE PRINCIPAL AND MANAGEMENT OF THE SCHOOL.

 2. The admission board, in general, follows an admission procedure which may be either a written test or  an interview or merit list of previous class/grade or a combination of all these or all of these.

 3. Students seeking admission into a particular class / grade of this school must have to appear before the ADMISSION BOARD OF THIS SCHOOL THROUGH THE PRESCRIBED ADMISSION PROCEDURES EITHER IN OFFLINE OR ONLINE MODE  and the students who  are qualifying the admission board procedures will be called for PROVISIONAL ADMISSIONS FIRST with the following TERMS AND CONDITIONS.



a) Any additional facility sought by the selected students  is  subject to the  conditions of the availability of that facility or resource with the management/ school  and on the resource management capacity of  the school .

b) All additional facilities provided to the selected students are on ' first come - first serve'  basis due to the reason of limited resources and limited  availability of facilities.

c) Parents are requested to study the specified  routes and opt for those which suits them as per comprehensive details given in the transport form. remember that it is not possible to cater to individual requirements at the cost of time and distance. No change of route, pickup point, door to door service and extension of route will be entertained and decision of School management committee will be deemed final. No representation will be accepted once you start availing school transport facility.

d) Admission of a selected  student ( on merit by the selection board procedure ) into a particular class of this school will be confirmed only after the submission of 

I) necessary documents( as per CBSE requirements) by the student/ parent &

II) prescribed fees as decided by the management of this school by the student / parent.



Mr Vishal Sharma 

VICE PRINCIPAL- 9797377111